New Coaching framework
1 February 2024
Elevating player development

Recognising the vital role coaching plays in every bowler’s journey, we are steadfast in our commitment to bolstering clubs and coaches, ensuring an unparalleled experience for all involved.

In collaboration with Bowls New Zealand and Tennis New Zealand, we engaged in a consultative process in late 2023 to craft a comprehensive Coaching Development Framework. This strategy was then refined by a key group of stakeholders representing clubs, coaches, and players to ensure its maximum impact.


Key components of the Coaching Strategy

The Coaching Development Framework is presented in two formats: the detailed Strategy and Delivery Outline (an internal document) and the Coach Framework Poster (a public-facing summary). It is structured around three core pillars: Coach Developers, Coaches, and Programmes. 


Coaching Courses in 2024

As part of our commitment to skill development, we are collaborating with Bowls New Zealand to offer Coaching Courses in 2024. Local Coach Developers will eventually deliver Foundation courses across various regions. The 2024 courses are scheduled for the weekend of 31 August and 1 September, with details available by using this link. Stay tuned for registration announcements!


Future Steps 

Brendon Walton, in his role as Club Partner – Operations, will spearhead coaching initiatives and is the primary contact for coaching-related inquiries. We encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with this exciting development and anticipate further updates as we roll out this transformative Coaching Framework.

Push play to view our Coach Development Framework below.