Coaching refresh
2 May 2024
Bowls Auckland and ABCA unified approach for a thriving future

In a move set to energise the coaching landscape of lawn bowls in our region, Bowls Auckland has embarked on a refreshing journey towards a more unified coaching structure.

The Auckland Bowling Coaches Association (ABCA) convened a Special General Meeting, to discuss significant organisational changes. Members agreed to dissolve ABCA and integrate its functions under a new committee structure directly within Bowls Auckland by unanimous vote.

This streamlined approach aims to elevate coaching standards across Auckland. Under the new system, a committee of coaches will be formed, composed of current zone convenors from the former ABCA, primarily focusing on delivering the 1-5 Year Winter programme and supporting the wider Coaching Strategy. This committee will focus exclusively on coaching matters reporting to the Bowls Auckland Board through the CEO. 

Bowls Auckland CEO Dean Bartlett commented “Bowls Auckland, clubs, players, and the entire bowling community owe a huge debt of gratitude to the ABCA for their contribution to coaching, player development, and experiences since their inception. We wish to publicly express our thanks to all involved, both past and present and are thrilled to join forces to deliver what is a vital part of our sport, coaching.”

Further supporting the development of coaching expertise, the new ‘Coaches Committee’, led by the recently appointed Coach Developer (Les Eagleton) plans to organise regular workshops and networking events along with mentoring. These initiatives will offer coaches opportunities to enhance their skills and connect with peers from across the coaching community.

The 1-5 Year Winter Programme (including Canoe, Campi and ABCA Cup) will proceed as usual. However, now under the administration of the new Coaches Committee, and with extra Bowls Auckland resources, it aims to enhance the offering and deliver awesome experiences to those who wish to partake.

Looking forward, the Committee is poised to expand coaching offerings, ensuring comprehensive programmes are accessible to all players. This evolution promises to breathe new life into coaching support for bowlers throughout the region.

For more information on the Coaching Strategy please use this link