Auckland Women’s Singles
Event Date
10 February - 11 February 2024

Results will be updated as soon as possible after each round.
Use this link to view the draw and to follow the results

Qualifying: St Heliers, Howick, Carlton Cornwall
Post Section: Howick

Play will commence by 9:00 am on each day.

All players must be full-playing members of the same Bowls Auckland affiliated club to enter. 


  • All players must mark at least one game over the first three rounds.
  • Those not required to play their fourth-round match are kindly requested to mark as required/appointed by the assigned Umpire at each venue.
  • This change is being trialled to eliminate the need for volunteer markers to be provided by host clubs in a hope that more clubs will be able to host in future.
  • All qualifying players are asked to supply a marker for the first round of Post Section play, losing players will then be required to mark subsequent rounds.

We appreciate your cooperation while we trial this system.

Players will wear club uniforms. This means matching coloured pants and club shirts. Logos that conflict with the event sponsor will not be permitted.

Please don’t smoke (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vapes) or consume alcohol on the greens.