Update on December events
16 November 2021
Changes to events

5 December: Battle of the Bridge
We are planning for this annual challenge for Prem 1 & 2 and 1-5 Year to go ahead.

2, 9 & 16 December:  Bowls3Five 1-5 Year
2, 9 & 16 December are qualifying dates. Tuesday 21 December is earmarked for Finals, conditional on the number of entries received.

  • Entries will close on Sunday 21 November.
  • Only if clubs cannot field full teams, then composite teams can be arranged but they will need to be approved by Auckland Bowls.

11-12 December:  Auckland Men’s & Women’s Fours
Today, Auckland Bowls Operations Committee unanimously agreed to cancel this Open event. The dates will be released back to Clubs to utilise for their own club events.

27-29 December:  Auckland Open 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs
We are planning for this event to go ahead. 
Entries will close on 12 December.

Looking forward to March 2022, Auckland Bowls Operations Committee has also agreed the Auckland Men’s Singles and Women’s Triples scheduled for 26-27 March 2022 will be cancelled.  26-27 March, 2 April 2022 will instead be used to play Interclub 8s and Half Day 6s, with 3 April tagged for the Reserve Day.  The Operations Committee concurred the change of discipline to an interclub event will offer an opportunity for more players to enter and play bowls.

The Champ of Champs are pathway events and will remain as they are.

Please note: all events may need to change due to changes to Covid-19 restrictions.