Tournament Convenor
2 December 2022
Thank you Gerard

For the past two years’ Gerard Hulst has been Bowls Auckland Tournament Convenor. 

During his time, Gerard’s list of ‘to dos’ is as tall as he is! He has facilitated and managed numerous tournaments – from generating qualifying & post sections draws, personalising scorecards, arranging umpires, answering rule book questions, and collating results, to working countless hours behind the scenes… and so much more in between. 

It’s often a thankless role that requires a high level of numeracy, a passion for bowls, and a bucket load of patience to deliver events our bowling community loves to play.

Gerard wants to play more bowls, and to do so, he will be stepping down from the role in late December. On behalf of the bowling community, we want to thank and acknowledge Gerard for his excellent contribution over the last couple of years! We also look forward to seeing Gerard on the greens more in a playing capacity.

If you or anyone you know is interested in the role (starting in January), please email [email protected] for more information.