Thrills and spills at Triples & Singles
14 February 2024
An exciting mix of some thrilling matches and unexpected outcomes!

Pringle Park recently lit up with the crackling energy of competition as it proudly hosted its first Bowls Auckland Centre event in years. Amidst the backdrop of a newly laid green, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as players and spectators alike immersed themselves in a weekend of thrilling matches.

Reflecting on the event, Pringle Park President Martin Griffiths expressed honour in hosting once again, extending gratitude to all attendees for their support and participation. The weekend witnessed a flurry of surprises as seasoned contenders faltered, making way for underdogs to shine.

One standout match featured a gripping showdown between the Hill whānau from Auckland Bowling Club vs Pt Chev Pirates, with the Hills emerging victorious after a tense battle. Not to be outdone, Neville Hill and his teammates showcased their prowess at Howick, causing a stir by defeating some of the sport’s best to advance to the quarterfinals.

In the Women’s Centre Singles, twin sisters Linda Ralph and Estelle Hickey added an intriguing twist, finding themselves on opposite sides of the draw! However, it was Howick’s 17-year-old rising star, Hannah Dawson, who stole the spotlight with her remarkable journey through the ranks, defeating top-tier opponents along the way.

You can check the results here:

The anticipation builds for the semi-finals and finals, on 20-21 April, and promises to have more action on the greens. With teams like Phil Taylor’s Bridge Park and Danny Delany’s Royal Oak set to clash, and players like Rae Eiao and John Carruthers leading the charge, the stage is set for an unforgettable showdown.

Gratitude is extended to all host clubs and the dedicated umpire team, whose contributions ensured the success of the event. As the qualifying part of the tournament concludes, one thing comes to mind – at Pringle Park, lightning strikes in more ways than one.