Thrilling finishes at Champ of Champs Fours
30 May 2024
By Les Smith

The Champion of Champions series concluded in spectacular fashion over the weekend, 25 & 26 May at Royal Oak, showcasing several exhilarating matches during the series. Notably, the competition saw some lesser-known clubs rise to challenge against more celebrated teams, adding to the excitement of the events.

Among the standout performances in the Women’s section, Mt Albert Bowling Club shone brightly, with all being 1-5s making it as Finalists in the Triples. This remarkable achievement highlighted the depth of talent among the 1-5s. Mt Albert wasn’t alone in this regard; many 1-5 Year players across various teams made significant impacts, progressing to the knockout stages and earning well-deserved accolades. Well done to all those players.

It was also refreshing to see clubs like Mt Eden and New Lynn stepping up and securing championship titles, further diversifying the competitive landscape.

The Fours championship knock-out format is high stakes and fiercely contested in both Men’s and Women’s events, with Saturday’s field narrowing down to the quarterfinals.

The Women’s Final, a thrilling encounter between Carlton Cornwall and Bridge Park, captivated audiences as the scores stayed a close tit for tat throughout the 15 ends. The live-streamed match saw Bridge Park clinch the title by scoring on the 14th and 18th ends, featuring two first-time open title winners in their lineup.

Similarly, the Men’s Final between New Lynn and Mt Albert was a nail-biter. Despite New Lynn’s early lead, Mt Albert fought back, turning the game into a back-and-forth battle. With scores tied after the 15th end, an extra end was played. New Lynn managed to move the jack, securing a one-shot advantage that Mt Albert couldn’t overcome, resulting in New Lynn’s victory.

Congratulations to all the champions, and we wish you all the best and good bowling in the National Champion of Champions events across the country. May good luck fav0our their future games!