Shanghai Singles Hits New Lynn
28 May 2024
By Brendon Walton

Exciting, fast-paced three-way Singles action with a prize pool to match!

Last Thursday, 23 May, New Lynn Bowling Club hosted its inaugural Shanghai Singles event, inspired by the PBA Shanghai Singles. This event offers competitive, emerging, and social players an opportunity for Singles practice during the winter season.

The Shanghai format, borrowed from darts, has been adapted for bowls. Players compete in rinks of three, each using three bowls. Scoring is straightforward: the closest bowl earns three points, the second closest two points, and the third closest one point, totalling six points per end.

Unlike PBA rules that play to 31 points, New Lynn’s version is a fast-paced, 45-minute game. This typically results in 10-14 ends, with scores often ranging from the high teens to early twenties. In Week One, 15 players competed. The unique three-way format saw trailing players team up against the leader to boost their scores while limiting the leader’s potential.

The format features a random draw initially, followed by a seeded round, ensuring everyone has a chance to compete in a third-round final. Only nine players qualify, and seven receive prize money back for their efforts. The prize pool grows with more participants and can reach up to $200 for first place with a full field of 27 players.

On the first night, Daymon Perison from Birkenhead claimed victory. Matt Berry (Blockhouse Bay) and Matt Riccardi (Pt Chevalier) also reached the gold match, while Steve Hoeft and Pat Bell won in the silver and bronze tiers, respectively.

Are you interested in joining the action? Visit Bowls Hub to register each week or contact Aggie at the club to ensure your participation. The entry fee is $30 per week, which includes snacks and contributes to the prize pool.