Sanitation and Contact Tracing in Sport
20 May 2020

Yesterday, Martin McKenzie, from Bowls NZ, participated in a live webinar from Sport NZ on Sanitation and Contact Tracing in Sport. This was run by Roger Wood (Sport NZ) and Dr Harriette Carr.

Replay the video here:

Martin said that it was an interesting watch and it was heartening to know that most of the things that were talked about, we’re already aware of and promoting to our clubs. However, there are a few things worth noting, such as how we handle contact tracing. Some of the key points around this are:

  • The Club must have a contact tracing list/form – name, phone, email, address, date, time
  • Address is important as it allows quick recognition of multiple people from a single address when contacting them.
  • Clubs should have Contact Tracing Officer responsible for looking after the contact tracing forms. All Club staff and officers should know who the Contact Tracing Officer is.
  • Clubs must keep the contact tracing form for at least 2 months
  • Contact tracing information can only be used for what it is intended. (Privacy still applies)