Ryman Healthcare 1-5 Year Fours – Final results
2 May 2021
Final results

5.06 pm

Congratulations Royal Oak for being crowned Ryman Healthcare 1-5 Year Fours winners for 2021.  Well done to the runners-up Howick.  

The final score was 12-8.
Winning team, Royal Oak – Caroline Dubois, Jeff Amadia, Mike Luaga, Viliami Fifita 
Runner-up team, Howick – Steve Waltham, Robert Shelwell, Rod Sadgrove, Mark Andrews


2.36 pm

Well done to the teams competing in the semi finals.
We have Royal Oak vs Howick in the final!
Here are the semi-final results



Tāmaki Mākaurau has put on a lovely sunny day for day two of the Ryman Healthcare 1-5 Year Fours.

Here are the quarter final results