Regional intercentre summary
21 March 2022


The continued impact of Covid-19, saw the original National Intercentre Event cancelled and replaced with a group of regional playoffs.  Auckland would therefore be part of the Region 1 Playoff against Far North, Northland and North Harbour, planned for Sunday 20 March at Mangawhai Heads Bowling Club.  

The weekend weather forecasts had us worried but we hoped that the stormy weather would blow past the Mangawhai coast.  The Far North pulled out of the tournament, leaving three Centres to compete – Auckland, Northland and North Harbour.  On the day, playing conditions were very blustery but, we only got battered by a few showery squalls through part of Round 3.

The draw gave Auckland the ‘Bye’ in Round 1, so our Men’s and Women’s teams arrived at Mangawhai looking forward to their Round 2 match-up with North Harbour.

In Round 1, North Harbour prevailed over Northland winning 2 of the 3 matches in the Men’s and Women’s divisions.

Round 2 – North Harbour vs Auckland

Auckland Men’s
The Auckland Men’s Pair combination of Alex Reed (L) and Mike Galloway (S) had a great tussle with their North Harbour opponents Peter Nathan (L) and Daymon Pierson (S).  Scoring was steady from the outset with 4-4 after 5 ends and North Harbour keeping a slight lead up to the 12th end, when it was 10-10.

Auckland then inched ahead for a couple of ends, but North Harbour fought back to even the score at 14-14 after 15.  The final ends then saw the pendulum swing to Auckland, with them scoring a 4 on the 16th and a 3 on the 17th.  Over several ends, Auckland was holding a cluster of shots on the head when Daymon made some terrific last shots to convert the end to North Harbour’s favour.  A close and exciting match – Auckland taking the win 21-15.

The singles match-up had Auckland’s Tony Grantham against North Harbour’s Bart Robertson. Scores of 1 and 2 were traded over the first quarter of the match, with Bart holding a lead of 8-4.  Tony then scored on six of the next eight ends to move to 12-13, 1 behind Bart. 

Tony and Bart continued to share the scoring and by the end of the 3rd quarter, they were neck and neck at 19-19.  The intensity continued over the last quarter with one player holding shot, then the opponent converting the shot with their last ball – getting us to 24-24.  Tony was holding at least one shot and Bart had room to draw his last (as he had done on several previous ends) but it did not travel the distance, giving Auckland the win 25-24.  Another fantastic nail-biter, that had us all sitting on the ends of our seats.

The Auckland Fours team of Nick Thompson (L), Aiden Takarua, Jamie Hill and Gary Lawson (S) were up against North Harbour’s David Payne (L), Brent Malcolm, Graham Skellern, Simon Poppleton (S). 

North Harbour started confidently, 8-0 after 4 ends.  However, Auckland scored on 4 of the next 5 ends to get 6 points and trail North Harbour 10-6 after 10 ends.  The next end saw a shift in Auckland’s favour, with a score of 6 and Auckland taking the lead 12-10.  North Harbour hit back with a 3 on the 12th, but Auckland replied with a 2 on the 13th – now 14-13 to Auckland.  North Harbour was again able to grab the lead and they started the final end at 15-14. 

The final end had North Harbour holding shot and Auckland having 2nd. Gary’s last bowl needed to take out the North Harbour shot bowl, to tie the match at 15-15.  Gary’s bowl rocketed down the rink, made the connection and delivered the draw for the team.

The Auckland Men won with 2 wins and a draw.

Auckland Women’s
Auckland’s Kimberley Hemingway was matched against North Harbour’s Selina Goddard in the Singles.  Selina played strong and consistent bowls, taking a convincing 15-2 lead during the first half of the match.  Kimberley tried to slow down the attack, but the score had quickly moved out to 20-6 to Selina. Kimberley fought back, taking two points on each of the next 4 ends – but with her solid lead, Selina needed only to score a few more singles and took the win 25-18.

The Auckland Pairs combination of Ashleigh Jeffcoat (L) and Linda Ralph (S) were up against North Harbour’s Theresa Rogers (L) and Wendy Jensen (S).  Auckland struck early and was ahead 11-4 at the halfway mark.  North Harbour was then only able to score singles on 5 of the next 9 ends, while Auckland lifted their score to 23 – taking the match 23-8.

Auckland’s Jenny Stockford (L), Judy Raill, Lisa Prideaux and Estelle Hickey (S) took to the rink against Milly Nathan (L), Lisa Dicksen, Robyne Walker and Lauren Mills (S).   A steady exchange of scoring over the first six ends had the match all square at 6-6.  North Harbour then had a flurry of scoring, moving up nine points in the next three ends.  Scores of two each on the next two ends then had North Harbour ahead by 17-8 after 11 ends.   Auckland tried their best to reduce the deficit, gaining another five points and moving to the final end 17-13 down.  Alas, North Harbour took a single on the last end and won the match 18-13.

As the North Harbour Women won 2 of the 3 matches against Auckland they were declared the winners of the Region 1 Playoff. Auckland and Northland, therefore, did not need to play their Round 3 matches.


Round 3 – Auckland  vs Northland

As North Harbour Men had beaten Northland in Round 1 and Auckland Men had beaten North Harbour in Round 2 – a third and deciding Round 3 was needed.

The Singles match had Tony Grantham against John Carruthers.   Tony dominated from the start, quickly moving to a lead of 10-2 and then scoring on 6 of the next 8 ends to increase his lead to 18-5.  Although John played some great recovery shots and got his score up to 13, Tony kept the pressure on and closed out the match 25-13.

The Auckland Fours team of Nick Thompson (L), Aiden Takarua, Jamie Hill and Gary Lawson (S) played Northland’s Steve Smith (L), Paul Wightman, Paul Price and Trevor Reader (S).  The match-up progressed quickly with Northland holding the lead at 9-6 after six ends.  However, Auckland scored a three on the next end to get the match level at 9-9.  Auckland kept adding to the scoreboard and by the end of the 12th Auckland was leading 15-9.  Northland kept fighting and got a few more points to move the score to 15-13 for Auckland. Auckland took a final point on the last end and finished the match 16-13.

The Auckland Pairs team of Alex Reed (L) and Mike Galloway (S) were too strong for their Northland opponents Alistair Trimer (L) and Dean McMurchy (S), scoring on 11 of the 16 ends played.   They finished the match at the end of the 16th with an 18-9 victory.

Auckland Men have been confirmed as winners of the Region 1 Playoff.

It was a great day of competition and a fantastic day of bowling.  Thanks to all of our Auckland players, Team Management and Tournament Officials.
Contributed by David Ball (Tournament Convenor)



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