Refreshed Strategy and Direction
24 May 2024

Strategic Plans can either be something you must do which likely gets chucked into the bottom drawer, or they can set an inspiring northern star, that aims to tell a compelling story and establish a framework to unite, advance, and innovate within the bowls community.

Bowls Auckland wanted to fall into the latter category, and so embarked on a journey to refresh their strategic plan.

CEO Dean Bartlett explained that the process involved a deep dive into the essence of who Bowls Auckland is, what they aim to achieve, and how they plan to operate. This introspective journey was challenging but essential, pushing key stakeholders to explore the core values and impact of bowls on the community.

The outcome of this thorough process is a shared vision: “a community for all, a game for life.” This vision perfectly encapsulates the inclusive and lifelong appeal of bowls:

“A community for all” emphasises the social aspect of bowls, highlighting the friendships and connections forged within the clubs, both on and off the green.

“A game for life” captures the accessibility and inclusivity of bowls, a sport that welcomes players of all ages and abilities, from 9 to 99 and beyond.

The vision is supported by the values of Inclusivity and Respect, which are considered non-negotiable principles that will guide all actions and interactions.

To bring this vision to life, Bowls Auckland has identified three key focus areas:

  • Capability: Focusing internally to ensure Bowls Auckland is the best it can be to support clubs and advance the game.
  • Clubs: Supporting and empowering clubs to be the heart of their communities.
  • Connection: Engaging with more people through elevated and targeted experiences to help grow the game either digitally or physically.

For more details about the Strategy or to view the full plan, please visit Bowls Auckland Strategic Plan 2024.