Premier’s spirited performance
21 March 2024
A recap of the National Intercentre

In a whirlwind of victories and challenges, the Premier Men kicked off the National Intercentre with a rollercoaster Friday, triumphing in the first round only to face disappointment in the second. However, Saturday marked a remarkable turnaround as they secured victories in both games, propelling them into the quarterfinals against Dunedin on Sunday morning.

While Raika Gregory secured a hard-fought win, Jamie Hill and Tony Grantham showcased unwavering determination despite falling short. Auckland’s fierce comeback in the Fours was a nail-biter, ending in a valiant effort from the entire team.

The Women’s team displayed their skill with a strong start on Friday morning, clinching three wins. Despite facing challenges in the second round, they bounced back with two wins in the third. Saturday saw them dominate with three wins, but unfortunate losses in the final round altered their standings, allowing Wanganui & Marlborough to advance.

Throughout the tournament, camaraderie shone brightly, with players and management exhibiting commendable dedication. Despite battling tough wind conditions and heavy greens, both teams mark this competition with their spirited performances.