Playing Programme Committee established and applications are open
6 June 2024

Bowls Auckland has relied on a dedicated group of volunteers, known as the Operations Committee to govern tournaments. On behalf of Auckland’s bowling community, we extend our thanks to all past and present members who have enabled thousands of bowlers to get out and enjoy centre events each season.

In recent weeks, Bowls Auckland completed a review to identify improvements for delivering targeted and high-quality events to our current and future members. This review considered environmental changes, including the growing need for paid administrators to handle delivery, while maximising the time, input, and guidance from volunteers to maintain a community-focused approach.

Following this review, we are excited to announce the formation of the Playing Programme Committee, which will replace the Operations Committee. The transition will take place after our AGM in late July, and applications (including current committee members) are open and welcome to apply.

The new Committee, underpinned by our strategic intent, aims to deliver enjoyable experiences to clubs and players through high-quality programming and events, increasing participation and satisfaction.

The Committee’s roles and responsibilities:

  • Consider trends and evolve or create events with defined purposes, target markets, and strategic alignment.
  • Integrate events thoughtfully, balancing the calendar to prioritise quality over quantity to reduce the congestion on club schedules.
  • Balance off-green components with on-green activities, while promoting both.
  • Establish essential documents such as the setup of the Calendar of Events and Conditions of Play, then support the Bowls Auckland team, Tournament Convenors and Umpires to deliver as per these documents while providing guidance.
  • Consult with and ensure all decision-making considers the perspectives of bowlers and clubs.
  • Ensure close alignment with Bowls New Zealand including Conditions of Play and event offerings.
  • Adhere to the Terms of Reference.

The Committee will meet in person approximately eight times per year, with all other communication done by correspondence.

If you are passionate about bowls and want to impact the way bowls are delivered in the future, we want to hear from you!

Applications are now open, to apply please complete the attached application form and send it back to Dean Bartlett @ [email protected] by 30 June 2024.

Playing Programme Committee documents: