Medals shining bright
24 January 2024
2024 Australia and Pacific Deaf Games a celebration of skill and unity

In a celebration of skill and unity, the 2024 Australia and Pacific Deaf Games unfolded from 13 to 20 January in New South Wales. Over 1,000 athletes and supporters gathered from various corners of Australia and the Pacific, transforming the 10-day event into a vibrant showcase of diversity and talent, including 56 athletes from NZ competing in 12 different sports.  

The Australian Deaf Games recognised the unique and diverse abilities of the Deaf and the hard-of-hearing community.

As part of the NZ Deaf Bowls team, Adam Baillie left his mark on the competition. Baillie proudly secured a Bronze medal in the Men’s Singles and added a Silver in the Men’s Fours – a composite team from New Zealand, South Australia and New South Wales.

A resounding congrats to Adam Baillie for his winning performance, and we extend our applause to the entire NZ delegation, whose collective efforts added to the sportsmanship of the event.

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