Life under ‘Orange’
31 December 2021
Guidelines for bowling clubs under Orange

On Thursday 11:59 pm Auckland moved to the Orange traffic system.  Here are Bowls NZ recommended guidelines for ORANGE:

If My Vaccine Pass is used:

  • Your bowling club may open with no limits on the number of people or the requirement for 1m distancing.
  • Face coverings are encouraged.
  • You must sight all customers’ My Vaccine Passes, and it is strongly recommended you verify these passes.
    • Bowls New Zealand recommends that all club members vaccination pass is verified once and recorded on a membership register, noting their name and vaccination expiry date
    • ALL visitors to your bowling club should have their My Vaccine Pass sighted every time they attend the club.

If My Vaccine Pass is not used:

  • Your bowling club can only operate contactlessly, which effectively means a bowling club cannot open its clubrooms for servicing its customers.
  • Your bowling club may hire your venue to outside groups (e.g. for a corporate Xmas function), but this is limited to 50 persons and you must do a thorough clean of your venue after each hire.

Click here to read:
Bowls NZ full Covid-19 protection framework guidelines for bowling clubs