Finals Open Bowls3Five Interclub
16 February 2022
Auckland Bowling Club win second Bowls3Five title

A total of 42 teams battled for the Auckland title held by Auckland Bowling Club. Even though a pathway spot in the Bowls3Five on Sky Sport League was not up for grabs, the winner would earn direct entry to the National playoffs. After three rounds of qualifying the top eight squared off at Auckland Bowling Club on 15 February 2022.

Auckland Bowls President Graeme Scott did the live draw.

In the quarter-finals, only one match was settled on the tie break.

The first semi-final saw Pt Chevalier Pirates take on Auckland Originals 3. The final score does not do justice to the intensity of the game.  Time and again the lead changed. At the final end of the second set, Auckland Originals 3 was staring down the barrel of defeat, Bevan Beckham called for an audacious shot “kitty in the bin and we win”. His skip, Maroi ‘The Machine’ Pereti responded accordingly, and the jack sat in the ditch with the bowl 300mm away. Pt Chevalier needed the shot to force the tie break. Kevin Morris’ final bowl was a wonderful response, alas the slope of the green was cruel and the bowl fell into the ditch.

The second semi-final saw Royal Oak Saturn take on Glen Eden Heat. Royal Oak won the first set however, Glen Eden turned up the heat to hold Royal Oak scoreless in the second set. For the second straight game, Royal Oak was reliant on the tie break. A perfectly weighted last bowl from George Stanisich saw them steal the win.

The final was a poetic match-up of the only two unbeaten teams in qualifying. In the first set, Auckland Originals got off to a flying start and were ahead 5-3 going into the last end. Royal Oak responded with some excellent bowls to score a 3 and win the set.

The second set was a tight affair with the score locked at 3-all going into the final end. ‘The Machine’ responded with a superbly weighted bowl to again sit the jack in the ditch and take the set. The tie break saw Royal Oak win the toss and give away the mat.

Lead for Auckland Originals, Vili Fifita played a dream bowl to sit jack level and whisker away. Royal Oak’s lead, Janine Young stalked the bowl and the jack but could not land either. Bevan Beckham played strategic bowls to act as catchers if the jack was moved. Mike Bradshaw ran the head twice and missed twice.

The Machine’s first bowl fattened the goose and Royal Oak’s response was to again run at the head, again a miss. Bevan Beckham called for his skip to play her final bowl short and centre, “put mud in the eye”. The execution was the correct weight but wide. The target was still there and again it was too tempting to Royal Oak, another run, another miss. Auckland Originals came away with the win and the defence of their title.

As Auckland Originals made their way back to the pavilion from B Green, Queen’s “We are the Champions” could be heard blaring from the sound system! A thriller of a final to finish this event.

Thank you to all the players participating, thank you to host clubs and their volunteers Auckland Bowling Club, Blockhouse Bay and Glen Eden.

Winner: Vili Fifita, Maroi Pereti, Bevan Beckham – Auckland Originals 3
Runner up: George Stanisich, Mike Bradshaw, Janine Young – Royal Oak Saturn 

Here are the full Final results