Exciting News!!!!
9 April 2020

We are so happy to be bringing you the following message from Bowls NZ:

Attention Greenkeepers:
Looks like turf maintenance is to be permitted during Alert Level 4.

Our thanks to Minister Robertson and others for the support.

Note – you need to wait until criteria has been established during the early part of next week, before undertaking maintenance. We will keep you informed.


Hon Grant Robertson

Minister for Sport and Recreation

09 April 2020

Decisions made on urgent turf maintenance

The Sport and Recreation Minister Grant Robertson has announced that urgent maintenance of turf and care for plants in non-plantation nurseries will soon be able to go ahead under Level 4 restrictions.

“The Government has agreed that urgent upkeep and maintenance of biological assets will be able to go ahead after the Easter Weekend. This includes non-plantation nurseries, stadia turf, and golf and bowling club turf maintenance.

“The criteria and conditions under which this maintenance can go ahead are being urgently developed by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.

“I understand the implications if the maintenance does not occur regularly, including for community organisations, which is why we have moved quickly on these decisions.

“However I ask those wanting to undertake the maintenance to wait until the criteria has been published – we need to ensure there are clear guidelines for the health and safety of the community and turf management workers. There will be clear restrictions on any activity that is allowed,” Grant Robertson said.

“We have been making good progress in our fight against COVID-19, but we are still at Alert Level 4 and we cannot be complacent and risk undoing the excellent progress we have made so far.

“So I reiterate to all those who are wanting to undertake the maintenance – please do not do so until the guidance has been issued. Please stay home this long weekend but you can start to plan and prepare for urgent maintenance to get underway soon,” Grant Robertson said.

MBIE will release the criteria after the Easter Weekend.

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