Kohimarama Bowling Club
Contact Information
Physical Address
30 Melanesia Road
Auckland 1071


Discover Kohimarama Bowling Club, just a block away from Auckland’s vibrant Tāmaki Drive, where the stunning Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island provide a picturesque backdrop. More than just a club, Kohimarama Bowling Club is your friendly, inclusive, and supportive haven.

Our primary objective is to create an inviting and enjoyable environment, fostering camaraderie among a diverse group of wonderful individuals. With five exceptional coaches catering to all skill levels and a high-performance programme for those aiming at championship status, we’re committed to helping you reach your bowling goals.

Play at your own pace with our organised events throughout the week, tailored to diverse preferences. Whether you’re an experienced player or a novice, our events blend skill levels, facilitating growth for everyone.

No matter your aspirations in the world of lawn bowls, Kohimarama Bowling Club is the perfect place to join—a welcoming space where the joy of the game meets a supportive community.

No. of greens:
Two artificial

BBQ area
Indoor Bowls
Licensed bar
Wheelchair access