Changes to Auckland Bowls Board
19 December 2019

We wish to advise the Bowling Community that Bruce Anderson stepped down as Chairman of Auckland Bowls in September and was replaced by Michael Feek, a longstanding and experienced Board member. Bruce has subsequently resigned from the Board as at 16th December 2019.

The Board has co-opted Phil Taylor from the Bridge Park Bowling Club (experienced in the financial sector) to take Bruce’s place until the AGM in July 2020.

Bruce joined the Board in 2016 to help improve Auckland Bowls outreach and performance. Bruce has led Auckland Bowls from being an organisation with its main focus on running Centre events to one which is now a major player in helping develop effective outward looking clubs and creating an Auckland network of user friendly covered greens, using funds provided by its Rawhiti Committee. Bruce feels he has made his contribution to most of the things he wanted to in leading Auckland Bowls forward and it is now time for him to retire. Bruce says, he has enjoyed working with such fine Board members and wishes all Board and Committee members and staff of Auckland Bowls continuing success.

Over Bruce’s time as Chairman, the number of people being introduced to the game through casual bowling has risen from 10,000 to over 35,000. Also over this time $2 million has been made available to clubs for developing the sport throughout Auckland. As well, Auckland Bowls has instituted a plan to provide significant funding for covered greens around Auckland. The recently completed Remuera covered green is a fine example. Discussions are now underway with a number of other Auckland Clubs to install covered greens. Bruce hopes that funds from the sale of the Avondale Bowling Club property funds will be made available to assist New Lynn to complete their development and enable another covered green to be established in the West Auckland area.

Bruce has a long history of achievements within any sector he has been involved in. Following the resignation of Phil Vyver, Bruce became more involved in the day-to-day operations of Auckland Bowls assisting Steve Clifton, the acting General Manager. At the same time, Bruce was taking the lead in the recruitment of the new General Manager.

Bruce has spent countless hours during his tenure as Chairman of Auckland Bowls and will be greatly missed. I am sure you will still see Bruce at the Glendowie Bowling Club ensuring the greens are presented immaculately and throwing the odd bowl down.

Michael Feek, the new Chairman, speaking on behalf of the Board, wishes to acknowledge the contribution Bruce made during his 3½ years, for the bowlers of Auckland. The experience Bruce brought to the Board was invaluable. The Board appreciated his guidance and leadership, particularly as Chairman.

The Board thanks Bruce for his contribution and wishes him all the best for the future.