Bowls NZ introduces new pathway rules
14 September 2023
Check the rules for Champ of Champs and Interclub pathways

Last week saw the introduction of a new precedent ruling creating restrictions around players holding multiple memberships who are playing in simultaneous events.

So, what does it mean for you?
This ruling will only impact those who hold full playing rights at more than one club. There are two parts to the ruling – in brief, the rules are:

Part one: Club championship pathway
A player is not eligible to enter or play in additional club championship disciplines if the player:

  • has won the same discipline at another club within the same season, or
  • is currently competing in the same discipline at another club within the same season.

A player may only enter into one event at a time, for each discipline. This ruling will prevent the same player in Singles or as a part of a team from winning the same championship twice in one season. 

The positive is that… it allows all clubs (should they be available) to have a representative at Centre Champ of Champs events.

Part two: Interclub pathway
A player who is part of a club’s Interclub 7s team is not eligible to:

  • represent another club in another centre’s Interclub 7s competition that advances to the National Interclub 7s Finals, or
  • be selected to represent another club in the National Interclub 7s Finals. 

For clarity, players cannot be selected in two clubs across multiple centres in an Interclub 7s pathway event. This rule only applies to an interclub event progressing to the National Interclub 7s Finals in April.

Click the link to view Bowls NZ Champ of Champs Conditions of Play.