Battle of the Bridge
6 December 2020

The annual Battle of the Bridge is taking place today, on a stunning Auckland Day. The Battle of the Bridge is a Ryder Cup format, with all players playing one round each of Fours, Pairs and Singles. A blind draw before each round determines who plays who.

The Open Men are playing at Browns Bay Bowling Club; Open Women at Mairangi Bay Bowling Club; 1-5 Year Men and Women at Blockhouse Bay Bowls.

We wish all teams the very best and will bring you the results at the end of the day.

Open Men Blue Team:  Gary Lawson, Taylor Horn, Aiden Takarua, Jordan King, Jamie Hill (C), Mike Bradshaw, Peter Thorne, Martin Dixon
Open Men White Team: Teo Turua (C), Luka Mataora, Callum Height, Nick Thompson, Zak Abro, Colin Williams, Steve Hoeft, James Gavin    Reserve: Rory Soden

Coach/Management Team: Neville Hill, Tom King, Steve Clifton

Open Women Blue Team: Karen Hema (s), Kimberley Hemingway, Lisa Prideaux, Paris Baker, Estelle Hickey (s),Catherine Bien, Ashleigh Jeffcoat, Linda Ralph (C)

Open Women White Team: Lesley McLinden, Judy Raill, Jaime Delaney, Jenny Stockford, Olivia Bloomfield, Rima Strickland, Rachael Hancock, Jacqui Broderson (C)       Reserve: Leah Morgan

Coach/Management Team: Diane Harris, Helen Blick

1-5 Year Men: Peni Panapa (C), Steve Gordon, Adam Blucher, Eddie Jones, John Crow, Steve Hodder, Maurice Smith,  Darryl Mackie;  Reserve: Warwick Catchpole

1-5 Year Women: Philly Akaruru, Tessa Farley (C), Carol Berry, Tina Jerrom, Jane Field, Kim Tilly, Angela Longney, Linda Fenton; Reserve: Andrea Wilson

Coach/Management Team: Esther Eu, Helen Murray, Carol Pollock, Robyn Reihana