Auckland umpires gain international accreditation
13 February 2024
Auckland bowls community celebrates two esteemed umpires

Last week, the Auckland bowls community celebrated as two esteemed umpires, Weng Lim and Gerard Hulst, achieved Level 3 accreditation as International Technical Officials (ITOs).

Les Smith, Chair & President of the Auckland Bowls Umpires’ Association, hailed their accomplishment as a significant milestone, opening doors to officiate at prestigious global events like the Commonwealth Games and World Championships.


Weng’s journey: From player to mentor

Weng Lim’s passion for bowls drove him from player to Level 3 ITO. His journey, peppered with challenges and triumphs, reflects a dedication to mastering the sport’s intricacies. Beyond officiating, Weng’s commitment extends to coaching and mentoring, embodying the spirit of the game both on and off the green.


Gerard’s triumph: A testament to perseverance

Gerard Hulst’s Level 3 exam marked the culmination of a six-year journey fuelled by a desire for clearer pathways in umpire progression. His success underscores the rigours of the assessment process and the invaluable support of his club community. Gerard’s achievement stands as a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of excellence in the umpiring arena.

To say Gerard was chuffed is an understatement!


As Auckland proudly adds two more names to the roster of accredited ITOs, the future of bowls officiating shines brighter than ever.

Congratulations to Weng and Gerard for their outstanding achievement, inspiring umpires nationally and worldwide to aim for the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.