Auckland Secondary School Pairs
6 March 2020

Auckland Bowls is looking forward to welcoming over 120 students to the Auckland Secondary School Pairs on Monday 9th March.

*With recent news regarding the Coronavirus and families with children at Auckland Schools. We have sought advice from College Sport and the Auckland District Health Board. We have been assured it is business as usual and there is no changes to any scheduled school sports events.


Boys Pairs Draw 2019-2020

Girls Pairs Draw 2019-2020

Monday 9th March 2020
Reserve Day Tuesday 10th March 2020

Carlton Cornwall Bowls – 126 Market Road, Epsom
Remuera Bowling Club – 6 Market Road, Remuera

Play begins at approximately 9am. Please be there at 8:30am for registration. We are due to finish by 3:00pm

All participants must be a bona fide student of an Auckland Secondary School with a maximum age U19 as at 1st January 2020.
Entry is through College Sport.

Conditions of Play

  1. Teams will play three qualifying games of 40 minutes in sections of four. The winner of each section will play a Quarter, Semi and then the Final which will be a knock out system. Games will start and finish on the bell.
  2. Students Determining a winner: In all games three points will be awarded for each game won and one point for each game drawn. Where game points are equal the winner of each section will be the team with the highest net total of shots. If the game points and the net total of shots are equal the team with the lowest “total shots against” will be the winner.
  3. Play begins at 9.00 with each section completing three 40 minute games to find section winners finishing at approximately 11.30. All post section games will be played at Carlton Cornwall Bowls, section winners from Remuera will need to make their way to Carlton Cornwall in a timely manner.
  4. Post section will be games of 40 minutes. Games will start and finish on the bell. In the event of a tie in scores at the end of the time limit an extra end will be played to decide a winner.
  5. Defaults: If a team defaults their score will be recorded as a loss. The non-offending team will be awarded a win and the average net total of shots scored by the winning teams in the same round of the same section.
  6. Mis-delivered jack: Jack is placed by the opposing skip
  7. Killed end: Place the jack on the 2 metre mark
  8. Ends already started before the bell has been rung will continue.
  9. The committee reserves the right to make changes to the conditions and draw in the event of unforseen circumstances
  10. PAIRS player will have two bowls each player
  11. Players to bring own lunch.
  12. Players please bring your own bowls (contact Auckland Bowls if you need help with this).

Any question please call Kristina at the Auckland Bowls office
Ph 623 3555 or 021 111 1953 [email protected]