Auckland Reps shine in weekend competitions
20 February 2024
Squads delivered stellar performances

What a scorching Sunday it was on the greens for our Auckland representatives, donned in their iconic blue and white attire! Amidst soaring temperatures, the competitive fervour rose as our squads showcased their skills on the green.

The squads delivered stellar performances at the Quad Series and 1-5 Battle of the Manukau on Sunday, 18 February, placing Auckland at the top of the table for both competitions. Despite fierce challenges from opponents, our bowlers demonstrated resilience and skill.

While formidable matchups tested our players’ mettle, it was Auckland’s collective excellence across all disciplines that secured victory. The superior shot points accrued underscored Auckland’s performance, as emphasised by Head Selector Alison Rennie.

With eyes set on upcoming events in March, including the Premier National Intercentre, Development Octagonal and 1-5 Quad 3 series, the Auckland squads are poised to continue their winning momentum. Moreover, the emergence of enthusiastic newcomers signals a promising future for the sport, brimming with talent and determination.

Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding efforts and sportsmanship. As we reflect on a successful weekend, let us carry forward this spirit of camaraderie and passion for the game.

For detailed results, you can review the outcomes of the competitions: