Interclub Pennants
Event Date
11 November - 2 December 2023

**** Interclub Pennants – Saturday 18 November Postponed ****

Due to the forecast and ongoing management of natural greens, we have decided to postpone Interclub Pennants / Half-Day Sixes for Saturday 18 November.

This decision has been made to ensure the best possible playing experience for all involved.

Further details:

  • Rounds 7-9 are to be played on 25 November at original venues as published (no change).
  • Rounds 4-6 are now to be played on the scheduled reserve day, 2 December.
  • Bowlshub will be updated ahead of play to reflect any possible venue changes.

Results will be updated each Monday – you can view draws & results here

Qualifying: 11, 18 & 25 November 2023
Reserve Day: 2 December 2023

Play will commence by 9.00am.

Qualifying and Post Section venues will be advised when the draw is released. 

The Special Conditions of Play need to be read in conjunction with Bowls Auckland Centre Events General Conditions of Play.

The Event will feature the following disciplines:

  • Pennants – Sides of nine players consisting of three Triples teams: Men, Women and Any Combination
  • Half Day 6s – Sides of 6 players, consisting of two Triples teams: Any Combination

Within each division/section sides will compete in a round-robin with two or three matches being played per day.

Matches will consist of two (sixes) or three (pennants) Triples teams facing head-to-head with the opposition side. The scores combine to form a total aggregate score for the match.

Each Game will consist of 18 ends, with no time limit.

Event scoring
The scoring system in pennants is unique in that all 2 or 3 games have scores combined to determine the overall match winner.

For example, the three-game result within a match may be:

Red 1 25   Red 2 16   Red 3 28   Red Total 69
Blue 1 19   Blue 2 30   Blue 3 21   Blue Total 70

Giving the Blue team the narrow overall victory 70 – 69 despite only winning one individual game of the three.

Match points vs Game points

  • 6 match points will be awarded for a match win.
  • 3 match points for a match drawn.
  • 2 game points will be awarded for each game win.
  • 1 game points will be awarded for each game drawn.

Event winners
The winning club will be decided:

  • highest match points. If Match points are tied, then the following will be applied to find a winner.
  • highest game points, then
  • highest shots for
  • lowest shots against
  • If tied after (iv) above, then the pennant will be shared equally.

Divisions / Sections
Subject to the number of entries in each discipline may be split into ranked divisions. Ranking will be determined by results from the previous year.

Players must be full-playing members of a Bowls Auckland affiliated club to enter. 

Any entries received after the closing date will go on a wait list.  There is no guarantee an entry on the wait list will secure a place in the event.

Players will wear club uniforms. This means matching coloured pants and club shirts. Logos that conflict with the event sponsor will not be permitted.

Please don’t smoke (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vapes) or consume alcohol on the greens.