Auckland Pathway 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs
Event Date
15 June - 16 June 2024


From Epsom  
Section 1 Helen & Peter Blick – Carlton Cornwall
Section 2 Adam Blucher & Mackenzie Blucher – Te Atatu
Section 3 Hannah Dawson & Eddie Jones – Howick
Section 4 Bet Leung & Ka Kuen Ng – St Heliers
From New Lynn  
Section 5 Aggie Motu & David Motu – Auckland BC
Section 6 Mike Bradshaw & Wamoana Stainton – O & D
Section 7 Kevin Dixon & Lesley McLinden – Royal Oak
Section 8 Danny Delany & Janine Young – Royal Oak
From St Heliers  
Section 9 Diane Dickinson & Billy Fulton – Henderson
Section 10 Paula & Richard Kempthorne – St Heliers
Section 11 Bevan Beckham & Maroi Pereeti – Auckland BC
Section 12 Monique Tse & John Morris – Carlton Cornwall
From Royal Oak  
Section 13 Teo Turua & Jhanna Savov – Mt Albert 
Section 14 Rima Strickland & Sam Toloke – Royal Oak
Section 15 Andy Ellis & Lauren Mills – Te Atatu 
Section 16 Adam Haywood & Lisa Prideaux – Auckland BC

 Here’s what you need to know about post section
• All play is at Royal Oak
• A live draw is at 8:10 am followed by trial ends
• Play starts at 8:30 am
• Format is games 14 ends, 2:30 time limit


Play will commence by 8:30 am on each day.

Epsom, New Lynn, Royal Oak

See Section Overview: Click Here
Section Winners will qualify for final 16 Sunday.

Players must be full-playing members of a Bowls Auckland affiliated club to enter. 
Players must hold full playing rights at the same Bowls Auckland affiliated club

Any entries received after the closing date will go on a wait list.  There is no guarantee an entry on the wait list will secure a place in the event.

Please don’t smoke (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vapes) or consume alcohol on the greens.

By entering this open qualifying event it is expected that the winner shall represent Auckland in the Bowls New Zealand Champion of Champion mixed pairs event which is to be held at Bowls Hastings (Hawkes Bay) Friday 16th to Sunday 18th August.
In addition to prize money, a travel allowance of $200 per player will be awarded.

WINNER – $400