All of NZ is now at Red
24 January 2022
How clubs operate under Red

New Zealand moved to RED Covid-19 Protection Framework at 11:59pm on 23 January 2022.

Here are Bowls New Zealand recommendations for bowling clubs operating under RED.

Clubs serving food and beverages to customers

If My Vaccine Pass is used:

  • Your bowling club may open with up to 100 customers (people), based on one metre distancing (whichever is the lesser) per defined space.
  • Customers must be seated and separated.
  • Face coverings are encouraged while customers are not eating.
  • You must sight all customers’ My Vaccine Passes, and it is strongly recommended you verify these passes.
    • Bowls New Zealand recommends that all club members’ vaccination passes are verified once and recorded on a membership register, noting their name and vaccination expiry date.
    • ALL visitors to your bowling club should have their My Vaccine Pass sighted every time they attend the club.

If My Vaccine Pass is not used:

  • Your bowling club can only operate contactlessly, which effectively means a bowling club cannot open its clubrooms to service its customers.
  • Your bowling club may hire your venue to outside groups (for example, a corporate function) but is limited to 25 persons.  A thorough clean of your club must be done after each hire.

Clubs not serving food and beverages but wishing to operate as a sporting venue

Please contact Bowls New Zealand. They will happily guide you through the Sport NZ guidelines available from

For further information and the latest updates on Covid-19, refer to the Covid-19 website

Take care of each other.