1-5 Year Finals – results
18 June 2022
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Saturday 18 June

1-5 Year Fours Final result

1-5 Year Men’s Singles Final result
1-5 Year Men’s Singles SF results

Sunday 5 June: 1-5 Year Pairs Finals

Final result
Congratulations to Auckland Bowling Club’s Paul Neazor & Gloria Akaruru they have defeated Royal Oak’s Steve Fisher & Villi Fifita, 19-14 to be crowned 2022 1-5 Year Pairs titleholders.  Well done Royal Oak, it was a great effort. 

Semi-final results
Auckland Bowling Club (Paul Neazor & Gloria Akaruru) defeat
Onehunga & Districts (Glenn Taylor & James Forsyth), 18-14.

Royal Oak (Steve Fisher & Villi Fifita) defeat
Pt Chevalier (Jean-Claude Fuller & Henry Fane), 19-4.


Saturday 4 June: 1-5 Year Triples Finals

Final result
Congratulations Howick (Jones, Thompson, Fenton) on being crowned the latest 1-5 Year Triples champions defeating Te Atatu (Fuller, Amadia, Webster), 20-9.

Semi-final results
Te Atatu (Fuller, Amadia, Webster) defeat
Pt Chevalier (Campbell, Fane, Dotchin), 19-7.

Howick (Jones, Thompson, Fenton) defeat
Howick (Dickie, Surmond, Sadgrove), 18-11.


1-5 Year Finals: draws

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